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RAM's mold shop is a production shop focusing on state of the art advancements in mold material and design. We work 40 hour weeks, first shift 7:30 - 4:00 M-F, and are adding a complete second shift, overtime is sometimes required to meet customers production requirements. Wages are competitive based on experience, we offer health insurance, paid vacations, holidays and a work environment geared towards quality through a team approach. Successful members of the mold team are involved in all aspects from initial research of improvements to training customers in their use. Candidates must be self starters capable of learning and preforming the required tasks with a minimum of supervision. Drug testing and confidentiality agreements are required for all hires. Our newest technology advancements have opened up a tremendous opportunity for growth.


Mold / Model Shop - The mold / model shop produces molds and dies used in the production of various ceramic items, including the dinnerware and sanitary ware industries. They work with customers from the initial concept designs through the production molds. Our current openings are in the area producing the tooling and working molds used in pressure casting.

Mold maker assistant. - Working with and assisting a master mold maker to produce case molds, master molds, and working resin molds from existing tooling. Mixing and pouring plasters, resins, and epoxies. Must have strong math skills, understand weighing, measuring of liquids and powders.


Model Maker (experience required) - Produce models for the functional and sanitary ware industries in plaster, clay, and plastic from drawings, sketches, and samples. Must be able to work from customers description, drawings, and samples to develop new products and lines.


Block & Case Production - We are adding positions to produce block & case molds for the sanitary ware markets



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