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RAM Products, Inc. is pleased to introduce a major innovative advance in ceramic forming technology. The RAM Rollerformer combines advantages of The RAM Process with roller techniques and becomes a companion to the universally recognized RAM Press invented and pioneered by RAM Inc. over 40 years ago. The RAM Rollerformer combines the unique air release system of The RAM Process with the speed and light touch of roller tool jiggering.

The original RAM Process was invented and patented by RAM over 40 years ago and has evolved into a widely used clay forming technique. The process was originally used in the largest potteries; however, recent developments have brought the technology to even the smallest operations.

The RAM Process is the mechanical hydraulic pressing of clay to form ceramic shapes using permeable dies. Gypsum cement (plaster) is commonly used for dies, but more permanent materials have been developed and are being used where applicable. Instant release of the pressed shape from the die is obtained by means of fluid pressure forced through the permeable dies. Although most RAM Presses are semi-automatic requiring a minimum of manual operation, some are automated to the extent that very little operator intervention is required.

Jiggering has been employed over three centuries as a technique for forming round or oval ware of uniform size and thickness. It is thought by many to be similar to the work performed by the potter at the wheel. It can be extremely fast, producing ware of excellent surface quality and internal integrity in terms of particle alignment and dry strength. The requirement for use of many molds to keep production moving however is a problem. Storage of the molds utilizes valuable space and replacement of damaged molds is time consuming and costly. In many instances, special drying arrangements for the molds must be incorporated into the operation taking valuable space and capital as well. And, there is a constant requirement to repair and replace damaged molds.

Initially conceived and engineered specially for dinnerware production, The RAM Rollerformer brings extended production efficiency, quality and shaping range to most open shapes with concentric symmetry whether flat or deep draft. The Rollerformer utilizes a modified form of The RAM Process die coupled with the rotary action of jiggering. The careful blending of mechanisms defines the RAM Rollerformer and produces a new process and method for forming ware with the precision expected from automated equipment. Everything from demitasse saucers to crock pots, crucibles and casseroles can be accomplished on The Rollerformer.

The RAM Rollerformer also takes advantage of a polyplastic material developed by the aerospace industry. This material is proving to be wear resistant while allowing formed parts to release without the use of lubricants required with dies made from steel, cast iron or other such materials.

Use of the RAM Rollerformer also offers the opportunity for elimination of support forms and duplication of the many molds which are required by conventional jiggering systems. In addition, the combination of turning while uniformly pressing adds to the consistency of density of the clay body thereby reducing warping and cracking during drying and firing. This particle alignment also enhances glaze coverage and quality. At the heart of The Rollerformer is The RAM Die which allows the user to press and remove ware from the system using simple ware boards and without special support molds to maintain and store.

Operating steps followed with The Rollerformer are similar to the procedures used during RAM Pressing. The Rollerformer itself is similar in some ways to The RAM Press and The RAM Pot Press. A portion of clay, called the charge or pug is inserted into The Rollerformer. The top die is lowered onto the roller tool. Like the RAM Pot Press, The RAM Rollerformer spins; however, the roller tool is made of the special polyplastic space age material. Because of the strength and durability of the material this roller tool will produce thousands of pieces before needing to be retooled. Prototypes in operation have already made thousands of pieces without any discernible wear showing on the die, the tool or pressed parts. Top dies contain a variation of the RAM air duct system first made and patented by RAM forty years ago. Each die is fabricated by RAM specifically to the requirements of the customer. The Rollerformer is also designed to use split dies thus allowing the user to produce parts with undercuts.

During operation both the top die and the roller tool turn. Because the special polyplastic material is machined to close tolerances, the die and tool can be brought very close together. This significantly reduces any clean-up operation on completed ware. The flash, in some cases, is eliminated.

The RAM Rollerformer and Rollerformer Die techniques represent a new generation of automation for production pottery. Call or write for a factory visit and demonstration.




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