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The model 6987 RAM press is a hydraulic down acting single cylinder type press, offering maximum control throughout each operating cycle. The press is automatic through each cycle; the operator simply charges the die, pushes two mushroom buttons (two as a safety feature) to activate the press and prepares to receive the formed article as it is released from the final die member when the press opens. The press may be operated by one operator or with an assistant depending upon production planning.


The capacity of this press is rated at 120 tons based on a system pressure of 3100 PSI.


Fast approach 320 in/min

Pressing- The downward moving top platen will upon selection go into an automatic slower pressing speed up to six inches before closing. This speed is adjustable from 0 to approximately 44 in/min.

Slow parting- The speed of the top platen upon opening of the die may be adjusted independently of the slow pressing speed.

Fast parting 425 in/min.



The press and pumping unit are constructed as separate units. The standard arrangement is to locate the pumping unit approximately 6 feet behind the press. The pumping unit may be located as far as 50 feet away in any direction. Special piping and sizing can be furnished upon request.

Two bolster plates 30" x 39", approximately 1-1/4" thick, nickel plated, and bolted to the platens are furnished. These are provided with "T" slots for mounting standard die cases onto the press. Bolster plates have the advantage of being easily drilled and tapped for new mounting holes, worn mounting holes may be easily repaired, and the ground surfaces may be readily resurfaced.



 Working Area

 Press Bed

 Bolster Plate

 Left-Right  40"  39"
 Front-Back  30"  30"
 Height  130"  72"

 Overall Dimensions


 Pumping Unit

 Left-Right  55"  48"
 Front-Back  30"  46"


Press Stroke - 27" standard

Closed Daylight - the minimum shut height of the press is 5.5"

Open Daylight - the maximum daylight of the press is 36"

Mechanical Stops - Four mechanical stops are provided as standard equipment. They are adjustable in 0.007" increments.



The unit comes with a service disconnect mounted to the handle of the electrical box. The motor (30 HP) may be ordered as either 230 or 460 volt as standard.

Two modes of operation are provided, manual and automatic. The manual mode is generally used for press and die set up. The automatic mode is used for production pressing.

Controller - The pressing cycle is controlled using an Allen Bradly SLC500 controller. All times are adjustable using the access terminal located in the control panel.

Guards - The press is equipped with light curtain guards covering all four sides of the press. The unit also is equipped with a "STOP" button at the rear operators station.


Air Systems

The Press comes equipped with a RAM air system for top air, bottom air, and partial air. Vacuum can be added if desired.

Delivery: 10 to 12 weeks.

Terms: 1/3 CWO balance due upon shipment.


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