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The COMPUTER DRIVEN RAM PROCESS PURGE UNIT (CD/RPPU) allows RAM Process users to automatically control the manufacturing of RAM Dies. Once the die has been poured and the temperature is appropriate to start the purge cycle, the Mold Maker simply connects the RAM Die to the CD/RPPU system. From this moment until the purge is complete, the Mold Maker is free to do other tasks. A thermal connector allows the Mold Makers to walk away from the Die immediately after scraping, thus freeing them for other jobs. this feature determines when the plaster is ready to begin the purge cycle and The System will then increase air flow to the die at prescribed intervals to produce a die of consistent quality.

Ramping of air flow is pre-programmed by RAM to meet specifications outlined in The RAM Process manual for standard materials such as Ceramical. Where customers are using special additives and formulations to achieve longer die life The System can be tailored by RAM to meet any specific requirements. Because the Programmable Controller (PC) is very flexible, it can be modified as required to meet future variations which are sure to come.

In addition to the productivity enhancements The System provides, the user will also achieve automated Quality Control. The PC will operate the same way every time thus insuring that the plaster particles are kept in suspension in the prescribed manner during the entire purge cycle. The Computer Driven RAM Process Purge Unit takes the mystique out of die making and transforms what has been perceived to be an art into a scientific procedure. The unit will purge two dies. Additional purge stations attached to the base unit are available and up to six of these stations may be added to the base unit. Customers may order The CD/RPPU immediately with deliveries scheduled to be made 4-6 weeks after receipt of order. The Units will be shipped FOB Columbus and can be sent UPS.


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